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1. Dry ice is nothing more than frozen carbon dioxide.
2. Dry ice is -78° C. This is very cold compared to the freezing point of regular water ice, which is 32.0° F.
3. Dry ice is created when liquid carbon dioxide is release from compression.
4. Dry ice does NOT melt. Instead of melting it transforms from a solid to a gas though a process called sublimation.
5. Dry Ice is colorless, tasteless, odorless and bacteriostatic
6. Dry ice was not invented, rather it was discovered by Charles Thilorier.
7. The first patent on dry ice was issued in 1924.
8. Dry ice can be used for cleaning in a process called dry ice blasting.
9. Dry ice comes in a few forms including block, standard pellet, blasting pellets, and rice pellets.
10. Dry ice has been discovered in space on planets and comets.


1. Temperature Controlled Product Distribution
2. Sample Distribution within the Pharmaceutical Industry
3. Special Effects IN THEATER /MOVIES
4.Shrink Fitting
5. Freeze Branding
6. Cold Grinding